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Fatal Promise 2020

Genre: Thriller

Doom's day



Summary of the series

Cha Eun Dong has always been an upright citizen who has stood up against injustices. Coming from humble beginnings, she has also practiced patience. Unfortunately one day her family is cast into turbulence after she is betrayed by the one person she confides in. After being brutally deceived, Eun Dong is reborn by the burning fire of vengeance as she swears retribution. In contrast, Kang Tae In has always been a rational man of morals who has always kept his word. Starting as a lowly employee to now the chairman of F Sports Group, he has only depended on himself for a better life. The one promise he has broken was the one he made to Eun Dong, after having to choose between her and his chance for greatness. Fatal Promise, 치명적인 약속, Fatal Promise 2020, Fatal Promise 2020 full download, Fatal Promise 2020 watch online free, Fatal Promise 2020 HD free download, Fatal Promise 2020 netflix, Fatal Promise 2020 all episode in korean language, Fatal Promise 2020 all episodes English Subtitle, Fatal Promise 2020 Original Network: KBS2, 치명적인 약속, 치명적인 약속, 치명적인 약속 2020, 치명적인 약속 2020 전체 다운로드, Fatal Promise 2020 온라인 무료 시청, 치명적인 약속 2020 HD 무료 다운로드, 치명적인 약속 2020 넷플릭스, 치명적인 약속 2020 모든 에피소드 한국어 치명적인 약속 2020 모든 에피소드 영어 자막, 치명적인 약속 2020 원래 네트워크 : KBS2,

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